South Orange Vision Plan

Harriman developed a long-term, sustainable vision for South Orange, a suburban village located in the New York Metropolitan area. The plan builds upon the momentum the village has been enjoying from its initial burst of redevelopment activity surrounding the South Orange train station and is modeled after New Jersey’s Smart Growth principals. Working through an extensive public participation program, and using a team of engineers and real estate market specialists, the resulting urban design provides for increased economic growth while retaining the locally-unique community center and creates a guide map for the village to insure a smooth implementation.

During the visioning process, it became apparent that village’s relationship with the local university, Seton Hall University would be very important to  the success of both the village and the university, yet previous efforts to find common goals had been stymied. Harriman facilitated meetings with the village trustees, SHU administration, and citizen committees and discovered several development concepts that could promote the mission of the university and the goals of the village simultaneously.