St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center


Lewiston, Maine

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center is providing space for a new Community Clinical Services – Pediatrics Practice (a federally qualified health center) within the existing Women and Infants Building. The project is designed and will be constructed within a very limited budget and limited space. It is designed for a staff of 6 providers, with a maximum of 5 providers in the clinic at any time, due to part-time work schedules and hospital-based obligations. The project location is an area currently used for the Midwife Program and expansion into immediately adjacent spaces. The project includes renovations to accommodate the displaced functions.

The entrance to the Pediatrics suite, complete with view portholes for children, is located near the Women and Infants Building entrance. The project includes modification of the building entrance lobby to provide a private waiting area for Women’s Health patients. Pediatrics Waiting is designed for family clusters and active children, including a digital aquarium and reading area. Sick children will be taken directly to an exam room rather than be isolated in a separate waiting area.

The program includes groupings of 6 exam rooms for well children and four exam rooms for sick children; a team room and workspaces for 5 providers, 6 medical assistants and 6 secretaries, with support spaces.