State of Maine East Campus Tri-generation Plant

Augusta, Maine

The State of Maine’s East Campus in Augusta was identified as a prime candidate for a bio-fueled, tri-generation plant. This campus includes over 15 buildings and over 650,000 square feet of space. The plant will include on-site heating, cooling and electrical generation.

Harriman was commissioned to analyze the existing campus loads and develop several options for different types of biofuel driven equipment with life-cycle, cost-benefit analysis.

The new bio-fuel plant will produce high-pressure steam for campus heating distribution.. The steam will also feed a new back-pressure turbine generator unit. This turbine will produce electricity for consumption on campus or distribution to the regional electric grid. The steam from the turbine outlet will in turn produce cooling via absorption chillers. This system will be located adjacent to the existing central steam plant building.

New structural and conveyance systems will be included as well. Up to three days worth of fuel storage will be contained in a new fuel storage bunker.