State of Maine Health and Environmental Testing Lab Renovations

Augusta, Maine

Phase 1:

Renovations to provide a new secure ground floor entrance with a screening room, sample receiving area, and after-hours sample drop off. All areas provided with secure card access.

Phase 2:

Renovations to 8,000 sq. ft. of lab and office space that also included upgrading the mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The lab renovations included chemistry, radio chemistry, water and microbiology, blood lead, environmental lead, mercury, and drug testing spaces. A new ICP-MS mass spectrometer suite was included as well as a new electrical service entrance, switchgear, and emergency power transfer switch. Workflow efficiency analysis resulted in new lab configurations, equipment arrangements, and improved safety and security.

Phase 3:

Alterations resulted in a new Bio-safety Level 3 culture room and testing lab handling highly hazardous controlled substances. Emergency power and security enhancements were made to improve response times to potential terrorist threats.