Sudbury Urban Design and Zoning Evaluation

Sudbury, MA

Harriman completed an urban design and zoning evaluation for portions of the Route 20 corridor within Sudbury, Massachusetts. The intent of the project was to study the existing zoning regulations, land use, and urban design along the corridor in order to assist the town in determining what planning mechanisms would best help them achieve their vision of new development.

The roadway corridor consists of a mix of industrial uses and commercial strip malls with expansive parking areas. The corridor is very much automobile oriented with very few pedestrian accommodations. New development in the area is stunted by the lack of capacity of the current waste water system. The potential construction of a public sewer system would lift this development constraint and the town would like new development to be more pedestrian friendly and in tune with Sudbury’s vision.

The study recommended updates to the existing zoning, new overlay zones, and a master plan provision. Recommendations will improve the vitality of the area and help gradually transform the density and building arrangement into more of a walkable village scale corridor.