TD Bank

West Falmouth Crossing

Falmouth, Maine

West Falmouth Crossing is a three story suburban office building in Southern Maine. Built in 2001 to house operational departments for a local bank that was acquired by TD Bank,  it has been occupied by the same organization throughout that time. Comprising approximately 143,000 square feet, the majority of the floor plate is open office with large glazed openings at the perimeter.

Based on an older method of one to one workstation layouts with high panels, the office layout had not been updated in the nearly twenty years of occupancy The open office area comprised 65 inch high panels that blocked the views and natural light from getting beyond the perimeter circulation. Looking to engage their “Workplace of the Future” as a method to increase staff capacity at this location, TD Bank engaged Harriman to conduct departmental programming, space plan for a 1:1.3 ratio for workstations and oversee the transformation of this office environment into a flexible 21st century facility, with the ability to increase staff capacity without costly workstation retrofits.  Workplace of the Future is a means of providing additional collaborative work environments while reducing the number of dedicated/resident workstations, resulting in net gain of useable seats. Taking in account that many staff members work off site, work from home, or are in the office only 1-3 times a week, this updated environment allows TD to accommodate all staff should they come into the office on any given day, or provide flex space for lighter staffed days. All workstations feature a sit to stand platform and the ability to reconfigure the layout as “Agile” project teams flex and move about.

Additionally, the removal of tall panels floods the floor with natural light deep into the space.