TD Bank New Call Center

New Call Center

Auburn, Maine

Harriman was commissioned by TD Bank to design a new customer care call center in Auburn, Maine. Harriman designed a space utilizing the corporate standards of this international client. Strong geometry, skewed inside the existing rigid 240’x240’ box, reinforces the energy of the space. Curved walls and other design elements, like a new 40’x40’ skylight and wall murals of Maine in spring and fall add to the dynamic quality of the space.

The primary design goal was to create a sense of community for the employees by designing the facility into four neighborhoods distinguished by different, vibrant colors. Skewed floating cloud ceilings were installed at different heights to add to the energy. Workstations were designed low or with a glass top panel to enforce connections between employees. Ergonomic workstations, including height-adjustable or standing workstations, were installed for maximum employee comfort. Thomas Moser furniture, manufactured in Auburn, Maine, is located on the Main Street for all to enjoy.

The space, previously a retail anchor tenancy in a mall, has new aesthetically pleasing entrances, as well as added glazing for additional daylight in the call center.

This project achieved LEED Platinum certification.

Photography by Claudia Murray