Town of Tiverton Form-Based Code

Tiverton, Rhode Island

Tiverton is a coastal community with a rural New England heritage and character. Its General Commercial (GC) zoning encompasses miles of local roads, but does not reinforce local values. To rectify this, the Town decided to implement a Form-Based Code, and chose The Cecil Group to lead a team to advance the plan and regulations. Beginning with workshops on zoning and community character, Harriman team found that three ‘character subdistricts’ emerged. The team prepared a new zoning map and regulations to replace the GC district with three new districts: Traditional Main Street, Neighborhood Business, and Pedestrian-Friendly Commercial. The first two districts reinforce the character of the built areas, while the last supports new commercial development in keeping with community character. The team also prepared design standards and guidelines defining the scale and character of buildings, site improvements, and infrastructure. The roadway infrastructure design standards have been found to have broader value.