Town of New London

Facility Needs Assessment and Site Alternatives

New London, New Hampshire

Harriman worked with the Town of New London, New Hampshire on recommendations aimed at determining the optimal design and location for the Town’s Police Department and Recreation Department, as well the future of the historic Whipple Memorial Town Hall and Buker Building. The fundamental goal of the study was to determine if the current occupants of the Whipple Memorial Town Hall and Buker Building can coexist in a modified version of their space or if alternate accommodations need to be made for either. To better understand the needs of the departments, we conducted a detailed space needs evaluation for all Police Department programs, including dispatch and storage areas.

Recommendations are based on a comprehensive set of criteria which include:

  • Site circulation and separation of recreation and police functions.
  • Site security including ingress and egress for police response and location of critical infrastructure such as emergency power and communications.
  • Physical and visual impacts of proposed additions to neighbors and the Town Common.
  • Building security for all occupants with specific attention to police staff.
  • Adjacencies of various program spaces to promote efficient and productive work environments.
  • Building material and wall assembly recommendations that lower maintenance requirements and promote good indoor air quality.
  • Sensitivity to the aesthetics and character of the original Whipple Memorial Town Hall building.
  • Optimizing the spaces you have to make the best use of the existing building and limiting unnecessary construction.
  • Advocating for building systems that provide occupant comfort, are low maintenance, and are durable.

Construction cost estimates and project budgets were provided for each option so that the Town of New London can make informed decisions about the potential expansion of the Police Department as well as Whipple Hall.