Town of Raymond Police Facility

Police Facility Space Needs

Raymond, New Hampshire

Harriman completed a facilities review, site assessment, space needs analysis, concept design, and a cost estimate for a new 15,000-square-foot police facility for the Town of Raymond, NH. The Town requested that the scope of work be completed within a 60-day timeframe, which was met by the Harriman team. Space programming and concept design was in compliance with CALEA standards (Council on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies).

Architects, engineers, and site designers assessed the existing facility and provided a report documenting deficiencies and options for renovation/addition of the current building. Extensive program interviews were performed to understand current and future staffing and operational needs. A space needs assessment was completed which compared existing space utilization with current space needs. The assessment also provided estimates for future growth needs for the next 5, 10, and 20 years. Concept plans were developed and reviewed by the Steering Committee to ensure program was met and operational relationships were optimal for their agency. Design options were reviewed and a preferred design was selected with input from the Steering Committee. A detailed cost estimate was produced based on all the information developed in the study. The building scope and cost were reconciled with the Steering Committee to ensure the best chance for success at the Board of Selectmen meeting and subsequent town bond vote.

Harriman frequently met with the full Steering Committee and also with individual members of the Raymond Police Department. Outreach including banner graphics, presentation renderings, and building model further supported outreach efforts.

Harriman provided all architectural, engineering, site assessment, project programming, concept design, and visualization services. Harriman’s scope the following:

  • Performed a detailed analysis that defined the functional needs of the Police Department. The space needs assessment also included a detailed report of the current facility.
  • Prepared a comprehensive and complete program addressing the space needs.
  • Developed preliminary design drawings and floor plans. The process was interactive and facilitated maximum involvement by police and town staff.
  • Harriman also provided a Total Project Cost Estimate that includes all soft costs related to the design and construction of the building. A complete estimated project schedule for future design development and construction phases was also developed for the project.

Services provided:

  • Space Needs Analysis
  • Space Utilization
  • Evaluation of service duplication
  • Public safety evaluation
  • Safety and security needs
  • Optional space evaluation
  • Cost analysis and cost benefit analysis