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Harriman has been preparing Transit-oriented Development (TOD) plans for cities, towns, and private developers in communities throughout New England for over 20 years. Our active TOD practice helps communities rediscover the value that regional transit connections can bring to the community. We help our clients leverage TOD by incorporating highly walkable, mixed-use districts that link transit and other modes to compact, attractive places to live, work, shop and visit.

Harriman helps its clients realize the opportunities that lie within TOD. We help municipalities in setting land use and infrastructure policy and help them find long-term advantages in TOD, growing from the efficient use of land and a reduction in fuel use and the associated costs of an extended roadway infrastructure. We help developers and property owners find competitive advantages for locations where residents and employees save time and money by leaving their cars at home. And, we help Transit authorities see increased ridership and the ability to redevelop their land assets (or air rights) adjacent to stations which is not needed for transit operations.

Harriman created the TOD urban design guidance document for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our experience includes TOD district master plans for communities along existing and planned rail and BRT routes, including the MTA/MetroNorth (Norwalk, Windsor, and Stratford, CT and Poughkeepsie, NY), NJ Transit (South Orange), MBTA (Framingham, Scituate and others in MA), and the planned South Coast rail line in southeastern Massachusetts. Our background includes devising a national program for the Federal Transit Administration to advance Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in communities, by helping them understand the relationships and benefits between urban development, BRT and the interface that occurs at BRT stations and stops.

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