University of Southern Maine Bailey Hall Science Laboratory Renovations

Portland, Maine

The University commissioned Harriman to renovate their outdated laboratory facilities in Bailey Hall on the Gorham Campus. In order to transform the space into a modern 21st century learning environment, the design focused on flexibility, visibility, transparency and storage.

Within the laboratory classroom environment movable furniture allows for flexibility accommodating different teaching and learning styles as well as a variety collaborative activities. Transparency and visibility were important design considerations ensuring that teachers had the ability to view the entire classroom without obstructed views allowing for better safety, security and supervision of students. Storage was also an important design consideration and an area that allowed for cost savings. By centralizing the storage space to be in between the labs they could share equipment instead of duplicating equipment for each individual classroom.

Transparency from corridor to classroom allows for an active learning environment. Activities going on in the classroom can be viewed from the corridor making the corridor more than just a pass through. It becomes part of the learning environment. Display cases in the corridor create an opportunity to highlight current work being done in the classrooms and movable furniture arrangements allow for students collaborate, again bringing the learning environment outside the classroom.

University of Southern Maine, Bailey Science Hall has been selected to appear in the American School & University 2016 Educational Interiors Showcase