University of Southern Maine Utilities Master Plan

Gorham, Maine

Harriman performed complete analysis and master planning reporting for the University of Southern Maine’s, Gorham campus.

During this master planning work, Harriman researched and evaluated the existing condition of underground piping systems, the routing and condition of power distribution systems, the individual building load requirements and the individual building service capacities for the heating, cooling and electric utilities. The systems evaluated were the 300°F high-temperature, hot water system, chilled water systems, domestic cold water systems, and 15kV class power distribution systems. This work included the piping, piping insulation, tunnels and chases, intermediate access pits, conductors, conductor insulation and building connections.

The final master plan document showed the campus utilities mapping, current connected utility loading, current connected capacities, maximum utility transmission with the existing distribution piping and conductors and any discovered weaknesses in the delivery of the existing utilities. The final document made recommendations for university planning groups, and provided justification and rationale for these recommendations. Opinions of probable costs were also provided. These costs included costs of mechanical, electrical and plumbing utilities, tunnel and excavation costs and costs for connections to the buildings.

The final recommendations showed that the existing utilities were near maximum capacity, and larger boilers, pumps and distribution mains were needed in the near-term future.