Veterans Administration Medical Center West Roxbury Campus

Electrical Upgrades, Phase II

West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Harriman was commissioned to evaluate the existing conditions of the primary electrical distribution equipment on the campus of the VAMC in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. This work included reviewing; two 23.9kV site substations for age, condition, and capacity, building 01 substation for capability to serve planned future load increases, and all pad mounted transformers for age, condition, and capacity.

We analyzed the existing distribution systems with respect to historical peak demand loads, anticipated future loads, and minimum of 15-20% spare capacity. Our finding were as follows: the existing substations were beyond there useful life expectancy and were not sized to handle planned future load growth, many of the existing pad mounted transformers were in poor condition (some leaking) and between 30 to 40 years old, the existing Building 01 substations (although only a few years old) were heavily loaded and not able to handle planned future load growth.

We have proceeded to the Construction Document phase on this project and have designed two entirely new 3000kVA 23.9kV site substations, sheltered aisle 4.16kV switchgear, separated 5kV ductbank systems, new eco-friendly pad mounted transformers and retention type concrete pads throughout, and a new 4.16kV-480V substation for Building 01.