Veterans Administration Medical Center Brockton Campus

Site Security Installation and Renovations

Brockton, MA

Harriman provided all professional architectural and engineering services necessary to develop complete biddable drawings, specifications, cost estimates, construction schedules, project phasing, investigations, site visits and construction period services associated with developing construction documents for a complete Site Security Installation for the entire campus at the Brockton, Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), 940 Belmont Street, Brockton, MA. All proposed improvements were in full compliance with NFPA, NEC, IBC, JCHO and VA Design Guides, and all other applicable codes and guidelines.

Harriman architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, and consultant surveyors provided extensive field work to document existing conditions of access control, security systems, site lighting, and physical barriers to vehicular and pedestrian access at the large 140-acre Veterans Administration healthcare campus. Of major importance was appraisal and design of Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection(AT/FP) security measures. In conjunction with the exterior security assessment, Harriman architects and engineers completed an extensive risk assessment for all campus buildings to determine requirements for an “interior” level of security to protect essential buildings and equipment; such as patient buildings, the Security Control Center, and others essential to the VA campus. Project development included:

Vehicle barriers were installed at entries to six major campus buildings, utilizing static mass concrete decorative physical barriers designed to keep a vehicle carrying explosives at the required stand-off distance at entry points, patient buildings, and critical operations.

A new 8 ft. tall security fence was installed around the perimeter of the property, designed to prevent pedestrians from entering the site without using the gates provided. New vehicular and pedestrian gates were also designed to complete the secure perimeter of the campus.

A new campus wide security system was designed for all entry points, parking lots, building entrances and exits, patient drop-offs, and gates; including security cameras, access control systems, physical barriers, card access system, and monitoring stations.

New security gate house building, parking, and remote-operated gates at the main entry drive.

Site lighting assessment and design, including a point-by-point photometric model of all lighting fixtures for parking lots, drives, and walks.

Securing manhole covers throughout the campus with retro-fitted locking covers.

Removal and replacement of site pavement at security weak points to install appropriate barriers and underground conduit and wiring for added illumination, surveillance cameras and access systems.

Centralized dispatch operations (UL level 3 ballistic Security Control Center) where everything is piped back to a single location from all sites (Brockton-West Roxbury-Jamaica Plain). This includes PACS, panic alarm systems, communications system and CCTV. The control center was located in an existing space away from the main buildings, with improved monitors, CCTV, alarms, and a dedicated emergency back-up generator system.