Veterans Administration Medical Center Sterile Processing and Distribution

Providence, Rhode Island

The approximately 13,000 gross square foot addition includes three levels of new construction and limited renovation of existing space to house Sterile Processing Service and Distribution / Logistics to serve the entire hospital, most especially the OR Suites directly adjacent to the new addition. This location replaces the existing SPD operation now housed in a location inconveniently remote from the OR Suites.
The proposed SPD Addition provides new, conjoined space for both SPD and Distribution directly connected to the OR Suites as recommended by both “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities” and the VA Design Guidelines. It continues the unbroken loop of sterile instruments and supplies into the OR and soiled instruments and waste returning to the SPD. This design also does not disrupt the existing operation of SPD or Distribution and allows an easy move from the existing to the new location once completed. This design also provides for the inclusion of a new Sterile Core corridor atop it in a future phase. Extension of structure, vertical circulation, building control systems, HVAC and electrical service paths are designed to allow this expansion to occur seamlessly thereafter.