Veterans Affairs Medical Center Smyth Tower Restoration

Manchester, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Governor Frederick Smyth commissioned a tower be built in 1888 on a large parcel of property that he owned, on which the Veterans Affairs Medical Center is now located. Smyth Tower is a replica of a Scottish lookout tower. The tower has a circular footprint with an outside diameter of approximately 24 feet, and is approximately 40 feet tall. The tower walls are comprised of mortared stones and granite, and are about two feet thick. There is a basement with a concrete slab floor below grade and three stories above grade. The tower floor levels are wood framed with a wood framed roof structure, and a crenellated parapet.

Harriman completed an investigation and report of our findings identifying the existing architectural, structural, mechanical and plumbing, and electrical conditions of Smyth Tower so as to determine the scope of work required and the requirements for historic preservation. Work, including preliminary measures to protect and stabilize the property. Our focus was upon the ongoing maintenance and repair of historic materials and features rather than extensive replacement and new construction.