Veterans Affairs Medical Center Togus Reconstruct Parapets

Augusta, Maine

Harriman was commissioned to provide a comprehensive study of the deteriorated and failing façades of three historic structures and provide recommendations for restoration. This project recently won a 2013 Maine Historic Preservation Honor Award. The project is relevant to demonstrate the specialized experience requirement in the solicitation as described below:

Removal and replacement of all of the limestone caps, panels and flashings at the roof parapets to match the profile and design of the original parapets.

Removal of the existing brick veneer and the limestone panels and caps and replace with new brick, pre-cast concrete caps and panels and new flashings.

Removal of existing solar panels, the support structure and associated piping and restore structure to original appearance.

Reviewed the condition of all the limestone on all the facades of the buildings and identified all damaged stones that needed to be repaired and/or replaced.

Permitting the project form a historic preservation perspective was approached with sensitivity and great care in order to respect the historic character of the structures.

The exterior envelope details provided improved flashing and insulation systems which greatly improved the performance of the exterior envelope.