Village of Mamaroneck

MakerZone Industrial Area Rezoning

Village of Mamaroneck, NY

Harriman is assisting the Village of Mamaroneck with the preparation of zoning articles that will allow a mix of uses into an active industrial area, including Maker spaces, retail associated with industrial uses, and restaurants. Our colleagues at Chazen are developing a corresponding Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS). The future zoning articles are intended to preserve existing uses and incentivize growth of the “maker” economy in Mamaroneck. This effort is the culmination of two years of meticulous research and public process conducted by The Village of Mamaroneck and its Industrial Area Committee (IAC). Our process includes workshops to simulate the use of the draft zoning recommendations with the land use boards, prior to their adoption. Harriman is examining the impact of potential zoning changes on the ability to preserve existing industrial uses and how these regulatory changes will encourage development in an area bounded by excellent highway access, a rail line and active spur, two residential neighborhoods, and a TOD area centered on the historic train station.