Whole Foods Market, Glastonbury

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Located in Glastonbury, a community along the Connecticut River on the outskirts of Hartford in central Connecticut, this Whole Foods Market maintains the vital presence of a market, complementing many other nearby services in the town center.

Whole Foods Market implements many green principles, and is the first nationwide organic grocer. This Glastonbury store incorporates many sustainable features, and received LEED Certification for Commercial Interiors. Harriman researched and compiled information from many vendors, consultants and store managers to help achieve LEED-Certified status.

A key component of the store’s energy efficiency and progressive technology is its 200-kilowatt fuel cell – the first fuel cell to power a grocery store in America. A fuel cell, likened to a continuous 24/7 battery, burns no fuel as it converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy with high efficiency and low emissions of pollutants.

Harriman collaborated with UTC, the fuel cell manufacturer, to fully integrate the fuel cell’s electrical energy into the building systems and the low and high temperature water by-product into the HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Building and interior image courtesy of Whole Foods.