Wilmington Facilities Master Plan

Wilmington, Massachusetts

Harriman is assisting the Town of Wilmington to prepare a Facility Master Plan to establish a long term strategy for the allocation of its municipal uses among buildings and sites. This planning process is establishing a sequence of short-term, mid-term and long-term recommendations that will guide the Town’s decisions about the best approach to its capital investments and operations. The Facility Master Plan will focus on facilities that may require significant repairs, additions, replacement or re-organization to ensure that the facilities and the services that they support match the goals of the community cost-effectively.

The process includes evaluating the existing facilities and their effectiveness, taking into account both existing and potential future Town functions and space requirements. After examining alternative choices for allocating space and facilities, the process will establish a recommended path for effective use of Town funds in providing and operating buildings and grounds. As part of this study, space needs, student capacity, and program analysis is being conducting for grades Pre-K through 5 of the Wilmington Public School district.