Woonsocket Downtown Revitalization and Sustainable District Plan

Woonsocket, RI

Downtown Woonsocket is an historic district that has suffered from decades of disinvestment in its land and buildings, and poorly directed investment in its circulation infrastructure. The purpose of this plan was to provide a comprehensive strategy to attract and direct reinvestment to restore the economic and civic vitality of the district. The planning strategy reinforces the downtown as a walkable district, and promotes bicycle access and regional connections to the historic and open space corridor provided by the Blackstone River. The plan includes a “street diet” to reduce unnecessary traffic lanes and simplify the circulation system, so that it better serves the district rather than through-traffic. A new regulatory framework is included in the plan to protect and enhance the traditional, compact design qualities of the entire area.

2013 Outstanding Neighborhood Planning Award from American Planning Association, Rhode Island Chapter 

2013 Outstanding Smart Growth Policies and Plans Award from Grow Smart Rhode Island