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Harriman has established a leading role in New England in the preparation of zoning, including Form-Based Codes and related hybrid codes that incorporate detailed urban design standards directly into land use and development regulations. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to identify and recommend innovative tools that encourage the types of development that communities wants and discourage development where it is inappropriate. We begin a project by reviewing and analyzing current zoning regulations and current and proposed land uses to identify inconsistencies in terms of allowable land uses, dimensional standards, and other regulatory requirements. But the analysis of physical conditions is not enough to produce a successful project. Engaging the public in the process is important. We design our public engagement strategies to elicit the type of feedback necessary to provide recommendations and strategies that are tied to the needs of a community. We understand the process necessary to present zoning changes for adoption, and work with our clients to ensure that the process of developing new or revised zoning flows smoothly into the necessary approval processes.

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